domenica 14 agosto 2011

Ligurian Ikebana

When August arrives I flee from my town, Sanremo. I prefer to look at my sea from above.

Mid-August week is the most terrible: chaotic and crowded. But just few kilometers inland everything changes. You can still see the light blue sea at the horizon: it does not seem so far (people born by the sea never cut this "umbilical" bond)
This year, thank to abundant rains, wild flowers are beautiful: I bring a book with me to learn their names: Dianthus, Convolvolus, Campanula, Arnica....

Stroke a lavender bush gently and breathe deeply...wonderful aromatherapy!

It is time to pick origan and thyme, I bring some home and dry it to season my winter food.

In the green underwood you can often find orchids like this one (Cephalanthera rubra, one of the commonest)...

Small villages on the mountains are undiscovered precious stones.

A fig tree has grown on the bell tower of a Santuario in the wood.
Here a gorgeous vine has grown on a small balcony in a village

Some time ago I had this strange thought after one of these walks : a Ligurian Ikebana

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