martedì 24 settembre 2013


The year 2012 was a very fruitful year for me: 
on May Centro Editoriale Imperiese (Imperia, Italy)  published my book

I wrote the text and made the illustrations:
It talks about Soul and how it travels and dreams...

On December 2012 another book was published, 
 Un Giro di Giostra,  ed Philobiblon, Ventimiglia.
It is a collection of Rhymes for children.
The Collection has 40 poems and 12  Limericks (inspired by Edward Lear 's)
Each poem has an illustration.It was a second edition, with new poems .
Here are some of them:

What does having heart means?

A Poem on Past and Future Tenses..

The Windy Village..a nice place where everything flies...
This is the illustration I made for the cover

and this  is the cover the graphic designer actually created

The Dance of the Planets

A Chimney with  a cough is helped by a kind cloud

This is the illustration I made for the cover

and this  is the cover the graphic designer actually created

venerdì 20 settembre 2013

Bologna' Children Bookfair 2013

My visit to the Children's Book Fair lasted two days . I wanted to get the best of it and I made  a few hundred photos! 
I made my best to see  most of the stands and keep memory of the beautiful books I saw.

A page from another book by the same author

Other books I liked

I really loved this book where the author  explained plays on words with the help of animals

 So nice this book  by Bruno Heitz

 I found my favourite authors signing books. Here is Fabian Negrin at Orecchio Acerbo

 And here is Lorenzo Mattotti: I bought one of his books and  you can see him signing it! (things only artists love....)

The illustrators' exhibition had a nice arrangement, and

 soldiers almost attacked my trolley!!!

The BOP Prize (best juvenile literature publishers  ) this year went among others to the indian Tara Books. 
 My favourite were this  book  entitled "Waterlife"

and this wonderful  "Drawing from the City", by artist Teju Behan,


I could not leave without visiting the beautiful exhibition  "OLTREMAI"  by Lorenzo Mattotti , at the Pinacoteca , which was opening on that monday.
Powerful and mighty 70 x 100 cm. works on paper all black and white . You can also visit the exhibition on You Tube (it is not the same feeling, but you still have idea of the power of this great author.