venerdì 21 dicembre 2012

Christmas Tree Decorations

May my little Oreste fly lightly to you all to wish you Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year,  and gently blow the  fulfilment of all your dreams...

lunedì 1 ottobre 2012

Things exist...Il existe des choses

If we believe in some thing, if it is in respect of Universal Laws, we have to strongly support and believe  it, giving it the possibility of existing...

Si nous croyons en quelque chose, pourvu que cela soit dans le respect des Lois Universaux, il est préférable de la supporter et d'y croire, lui donnant la possibilité d'exister ...
(taken from my book "Il Libro DELLA COSA IMPORTANTE", ed. CEI, 2012)

Strange Waking up

THIS ILLUSTRATION PARTICIPATED TO BOLOGNA'S CHILDREN BOOKFAIR, 2012 and was then published as cover  of New Magazine Imperia

venerdì 29 giugno 2012

THE BOOK OF THE IMPORTANT THING, written and illustrated by Cristina Berardi

" If what we believe is  in respect of Universal Laws,  it is preferable to support it, giving it a possibility to exist"...

Here it is...after two years  of book was  presented at the Fiera del Libro di Imperia.
I have not been able  to either write or draw in the last month...maybe be as a side effect for  overworking in the previous months. Everything came together! The Book, an exhibition in Bordighera,  the cover illustration I usually have to do for the New Magazine Imperia (one every two months)...and, last but not least, my family has a cute she-dog (such a lot of  extra work)!!!!!

But now I have rested enough ...I feel I can go back to work again! I have started a translation of my "Important Book" (in English and in French). ... I have worked for so many years as a translator for others , now I shall do it  for myself!!  I know it is not the same...but the important thing is to start...(as I say in the introduction to my book).

domenica 29 aprile 2012


My son has just started University. One evening I just imagined his future life in his study...

giovedì 15 marzo 2012


"TIME! TIME! I NEED MORE TIME! " cried the Clock pacing up and down the room.....
WORK PUBLISHED ON New Magazine Imperia, 2012

domenica 15 gennaio 2012


work inspired by André François's cover of The New Yorker

My blog lives in a nice building. Here you can see my personal lift to my storey. I am not alone there: I have the best neighbours I could ever have! They are my blogger friends...
Whenever they have time they come to visit me and I do the same.
We exchange ideas and greetings..difficult things to do in real life.

I am always happy to receive visitors: whoever come is welcome!

Have a nice creative year 2012!