martedì 9 agosto 2016


When I started my collaboration with  the Centro Editoriale Imperiese in 2001 I was an artist  painter fond  of art and drawing but without any experience in editorial illustration. . Since then I have been studying and attending various courses on illustration, publishing  and graphics.
Starting to become more professional, I have been meeting new trends, styles and currents and it has got ever more difficult for me to remain faithful to myself, to say what I want in my own style.  The more I have progressed the more I have become thoughtful and demanding .
All my covers since the beginning are now on tumblr , and looking at all of them  while doing the posting,  I felt a bit of nostalgia of those first works: I did not know anything about  editing, photoshop and web resources, but  I just did  the job! I WORKED AS AN ARTIST RATHER THAN AS AN ILLUSTRATOR!
 I still love some of them, and I think I understand their value better now that I have progressed in my illustration and graphic studies. Simplicity and directness are my target words!
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