domenica 15 gennaio 2012


work inspired by André François's cover of The New Yorker

My blog lives in a nice building. Here you can see my personal lift to my storey. I am not alone there: I have the best neighbours I could ever have! They are my blogger friends...
Whenever they have time they come to visit me and I do the same.
We exchange ideas and greetings..difficult things to do in real life.

I am always happy to receive visitors: whoever come is welcome!

Have a nice creative year 2012!

3 commenti:

  1. Oh I love his Cloud elevator. Really special. You have a very wonderful humor and subtle touch, Its a real gift that x

    1. Thank you Elisheva! is nice to have neighbours like you in my building! :=).
      see you soon

  2. Thank you Cristina. I too am glad to have nice neighbours, one of them from Italy!