venerdì 29 giugno 2012

THE BOOK OF THE IMPORTANT THING, written and illustrated by Cristina Berardi

" If what we believe is  in respect of Universal Laws,  it is preferable to support it, giving it a possibility to exist"...

Here it is...after two years  of book was  presented at the Fiera del Libro di Imperia.
I have not been able  to either write or draw in the last month...maybe be as a side effect for  overworking in the previous months. Everything came together! The Book, an exhibition in Bordighera,  the cover illustration I usually have to do for the New Magazine Imperia (one every two months)...and, last but not least, my family has a cute she-dog (such a lot of  extra work)!!!!!

But now I have rested enough ...I feel I can go back to work again! I have started a translation of my "Important Book" (in English and in French). ... I have worked for so many years as a translator for others , now I shall do it  for myself!!  I know it is not the same...but the important thing is to start...(as I say in the introduction to my book).